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Welcome to Belair Systems Inc.

We are a gas systems service provider of reliable and cost effective fabrication and repair services. Our team of mobile field service technicians, quality control specialists, and health and safety professionals will streamline the requirements of your analytical or industrial gas systems.

25 Years of Experience

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Using the latest digital and mechanical test instruments, our technicians are competent in testing, calibrating, troubleshooting and repairs of your existing systems as well as the design of new systems. Our innovative fabrication design service is focused on developing the most effective solution within your budget, using ISO-compliant and environmentally conscious processes to customize our product to your standards.

Strategically located offices allow us to dispatch efficient and cost effective field services across the continental US, as well as provide in-shop repair for all types and brands of gas generators at our locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida, and Texas.
We value communication, schedule flexibility and attention to detail to offer our clients the best solution to their needs, and make ourselves available to discuss specific answers to the particular needs of your analytical or industrial gas system.

Tackle your operational challenges with solutions from Belair Systems Inc., whether your goal is to reduce installation costs, maximize uptime or protect your staff and personnel, we offer a broad range of flexible and innovative solutions to your needs.

What We Do

95 % On Site and In House Training
95 % On Site Startup Services
100 % 24 Hour Call Out Services
85 % Routine Maintenance Services
70 % Special Projects
88 % Design and Installation

Mobile Field Service Technicians

Performing full-service start-up and operator training, domestically and internationally. Delivering the ongoing maintenance, parts and service our competitors just don’t provide

Quality Control Specialists

Providing world-class on-site nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems at the best price available, engineered to your unique specifications, even down to achieving compliance with local piping codes

Health & Safety Professionals

Fulfilling with remarkably short turnaround, thanks to our strong vendor relationships and lean, agile organization: a 16-18 week delivery time, in most cases